23 [CAA-063]

By Christof Kurzmann & Noid

Album: 23 [CAA-063]

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“Noid and I have known each other since our earliest days as musicians. Nevertheless, we have only played together very rarely over the years – and when we did, it has been in larger formations. When we performed a trio with Susanna Gartmayer in 2022, we talked about that fact, realized that our concerts together take place about every 7 years and that we had only played as a duo once before. So we decided to change that. We played our first concert as a duo in 2023 – at the Gala at brut nordwest on January 14. And then we played once more in the same year, 2023, our last concert of the year at the Velak Gala on 19.12. at the Spitzer in Vienna. Our duo concerts number 2 & 3. We are happy to present you the recordings here. After a very hateful and rejecting year 2023 worldwide, we hope for a better 2024 and more concerts.”   -CK, Dec 2023