Begin, Again

By Jeb Bishop, Tim Daisy & Mark Feldman

Album: Begin, Again



Available Formats: CDDigital

“Begin, Again” documents a set of new compositions realized by three veterans from the creative improvised music scene: trombonist Jeb Bishop, violinist Mark Feldman and percussionist Tim Daisy. Inspired by Jeb and Mark’s recent relocation back to the windy city, Tim Daisy seized on the opportunity and organized a semi regular workshop at his home in Evanston. The inspired results of these meetings are evident on this inaugural release: a set of eight new pieces composed by both Jeb and Tim, with invaluable guidance and assistance from Mr Feldman, and three solo improvisations, showcasing the artist’s individuality and sonic range on his chosen instrument.

The cohesion, focused performance, and stylistic range of the music on this recording is owed not only to the regular rehearsals that have taken, and continue to take place at Tim’s home, but just as importantly, to the combined experience that these three musicians brings to the table. A quick look at each of these artist’s discographies highlights a who’s who of improvised musicians and ensembles, working in a wide range of contexts. This decades long consistency and dedication to their art form is what truly helps ignite the spark that sets this music in motion.

Begin, Again is the inaugural document by this new experimental music trio. Born out of a semi-regular meeting in a basement just north of Chicago, with no plans of slowing down, the group hopes to continue its sonic investigations, adding to its growing list of compositions, building momentum by performing, rehearsing and touring. Evolving….like all great working bands do.

Released in: 2023


Shipping from: Chicago