Catalytic Sound Festival 2020: Day 3

By Catalytic Sound

Album: Catalytic Sound Festival 2020: Day 3 -- Catalytic Sound


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All proceeds raised will go to the Fendika Cultural Center (, which “celebrates and renews Ethiopia’s rich cultural heritage. We welcome all creative souls; through exchange of music, dance, art, and poetry, we meditate on humanity’s one-ness, and pray for a peaceful world. Our vision for Fendika is to continue to nurture the artistic community in Addis Ababa, and to grow into one of Africa’s most vibrant centers for artistic innovation and cultural exchange grounded in rich Ethiopian heritage. Funds raised from this campaign will help Fendika pay for basic survival salaries for 33 employees of Fendika, and Fendika Live concert production costs: artist fees for musicians and dancers who perform during Fendika Live concerts that are streamed online, payment for the camera crew for us to stream high-quality programs, transportation costs for artists and camera crew to travel to and from Fendika (They all need to travel by private, contracted cars, as public transit is becoming too risky), monthly wifi cost so we can keep streaming music and other programs.”

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