Circle Back

By Mark Feldman & Tim Daisy

Album: Circle Back -- Tim Daisy


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“Having left New York earlier this year, violinist Mark Feldman is a significant new Chicago transplant. He debuted at Elastic with a solo concert, but this time he was joined by drummer Tim Daisy for a spirited performance. At his most whimsical, Daisy can build a frenzy of percussion instruments. He adroitly used his ride cymbal to spur his partner and provide momentum. When in call-and-response mode, the violinist displayed some relentless inquisitiveness. Both musicians undoubtedly delivered one of the most uplifting performances of the festival, Feldman delving into dance territory often betraying klezmer roots, whose jauntiness kept popping up. A highlight occurred when the violinist got into a high-pitched serenade while Daisy provided a minimalist backdrop with an assortment of cymbals and gongs. Feldman resorted for the first and only time to pizzicato when the duo brought their collaborative effort to a stark close.” -Alain Drouout, Downbeat Magazine

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