Concert in Iwaki

By Evan Parker Electroacoustic Quartet

Album: Concert in Iwaki


Label: Uchimizu Records

Available Formats: CD

“The music comprises three extended tracks totalling seventy minutes. It bears all the hallmarks of the larger ensemble’s music, but with less going on, particularly in terms of treatments of the music. There is clearly good understanding and interaction between the four players, with Parker leading from the front. When one considers that Hasselt credited fourteen musicians, half of whom were using electronics and/or processing, it seems logical that the music here would be simpler and communication better. As is always the case with resonant spaces, the hall here is effectively a fifth player. To their credit, the four human players soon found the best ways to play with the space, the end results doing justice to all five.

Parker’s own comment on the album is both true and wittily quoteworthy: “The music here still sounds fresh and, in fact, could have been recorded tomorrow.” Yes, spot on, Evan.” -John Eyles, All About Jazz

Released in: 2021


Shipping from: Chicago