Echo Posse [CAA-052]

By Ben Hall

Album: Echo Posse [CAA-052]


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“Echo Posse is the new trio record from composer/percussionist Ben Hall featuring long time collaborator, economist/theorist/organizer/violist Mike Khoury and total trumpet phenom Lemuel Marc (age 20 at the time of the recording). Marc’s totally incredible Bandcamp series, Your Biggest Hater, is one of the most astounding and ambitious collaborative and organizing schemas ever produced at the crossroads of classical and improvisation. Both Marc and Khoury approach Hall’s big beat trunk rattle style of classical percussion by way of East Side Detroit with unflappable compositional instincts, Marc deep into the piercing breath and glossolalia of the trumpet and Khoury educing the deepest latent folk melodies which is another way to say running a particular sort of voodoo down, Canray Fontenot by way of tape delay. On, Echo Posse, Hall is deeply engaged with the language and instrumentation, tapes, tympani, concert percussion, bells, and the Marden-esque stick approach he used in his longtime bands Graveyards with John Olson and Mêlée with Nate Wooley. This period of Hall’s experimentation with pulse, slowness, and stillness directly informed his engagement with Bill Dixon’s compositional proposals which led to their trio recording Weight/Counterweight in 2008, set for rerelease in 2023. Echo Posse is the first release of this trio under Hall’s direction.” -Ben Hall

Mike Khoury: Viola
Lemuel Marc: Trumpet
Ben Hall: Tympani/Surdo/Trap Set

Recorded in 2022.
Mixed by Ben Hall at Plainview Gardens

Photo by Ben Hall / Design by Federico Peñalva