Floating at Last [CAA-048]


Album: Floating at Last [CAA-048]


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The trio BRAAXTAAL was founded by Jaap Blonk in 1987 and stayed active till 2005.

They releases three CDs on the Kontrans label: BRAAXTAAL (1993), Speechlos (1997) and Dworr Buun (2001).

They played in many European countries and made one North-American tour, with concerts in a.o. Victoriaville, Vancouver, Chicago (The Empty Bottle) and New York (Knitting Factory).
Rehearsals were similar to the way rock bands work: they developed collective compositions, mostly with texts by Jaap Blonk, to be found on the CDs. A wide variety of pieces, some fluent, some angular, often quite radical but also with a lot of humor.

After the last CD they did not play set pieces any more, but floated into free improvisation. This last period has not been documented on record at all, but here is an example: a live recording from their last tour, in 2004. As you can hear, in these last years they developed their own special brand of improvised music. It is characterized by careful developments, beautifully sustained atmospheres and a unique blends of sounds.
No edits were made in the recording, it’s just been divided into sections for convenience.

Rob Daenen – keyboards
Theo Bodewes – electronic drums
Jaap Blonk – voice electronics

Recorded live in concert on May 19, 2004 at Divadlo 29, Pardubice, Czech Republic
Mastered by Jaap Blonk