Live at De Ruimte 2023 [CAA-062]

By Nate Wooley

Album: Live at De Ruimte 2023 [CAA-062]


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“I played solo at De Ruimte in 2015. I had broken my thumb, was cold and tired, lean, hungry, and nervous. I was younger and overwhelmed by the sense of warmth and love in the room that night and found certain sounds that had never come up in my playing. Frank Rosaly, just having moved to Amsterdam, played after me with his band. Eight years later, I was back with a repaired thumb, still cold and tired, still hungry and nervous, though slightly less lean. The feeling in the room was the same, maybe even more so as I know these people now, and I love them. Some of the sounds I made first in 2015 are now old friends that I play with and refine. Frank played with Andy Moor and I for the second set. If coming home always felt like this, we’d do it more often.”  -Nate Wooley

Recorded live by Aaron Lumley at De Ruimte on February 2, 2023 as part of Space Academy.

Thanks to Tim Sprangers and Aaron Lumley

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