Live at Home Music Video Series [CAA-060]

By Ikue Mori

Album: Live at Home Music Video Series [CAA-060]


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“I started to make the series of music videos during the lockdown. I found impossible to play live music with other musicians via internet and very hard to control the quality of sounds and image with internet streaming from my home. After many trials with video camera and handheld camera, shooting myself playing improvising with sounds and later mixing with outside environmental/atmospheric images though leaving the live sounds as recorded as possible.

I decided to create 4 seasonal music videos of live performing at home studio mixing with the shots in natures and created @1 Summer live 2020, @2 Winter live 2021, then @3 Spring live 2022 and still working to finish final @4 Fall live 2022 presented here are Winter Live 21 and Spring Live 22

Additionally, Room#2 Fairies:
This music video was made also during mid-pandemic following the release of Catalytic first online album which included the music video Room#1. This Room#2 Fairies was sequel of it and released by Cafe Oto online album for limited time in 2020″. -Ikue Mori, Sept 2023

Winter Live recorded in 2021
Spring Live recorded in 2022
Room#2 recorded in 2020

Created by Ikue Mori using video camera and laptop computer

Cover by Federico Peñalva