Live at Kafe Hærverk [CAA-051]

By Calle Neumann & Paal Nilssen-Love

Album: Live at Kafe Hærverk [CAA-051]

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“I’ve played with Calle on and off since we met for the first time in late nineties.. this is the second time we play as a duo and what a treat. No bass and no chords. As free as can be! The set of music feels playful and joyous but with some nice pain as in where and how are we moving about each other. Some Norwegian music history put to tape here… enjoy!”  -PNL, Dec 2022

Live sound, recording and mix by Linn Nystadnes
Recorded at Kafe Hærverk, Oslo, Norway / 18th July 2021

Edited and design by Federico Peñalva
Painting by Terry Nilssen-Love