Mexico City [CAA-068]

By Germán Bringas, Gibrán Andrade & Ingebrigt Håker Flaten Trio



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“I met Germán Bringas when I was 19 years old, in 2009. He has been a musical father to me ever since. I remember the first time we played two duo sets in front of 5 people at his venue Jazzorca. He took the concert and the music as seriously as if it were a full concert hall. After performing we discussed what happened, talked about telepathy, silence, failure, the mind and the energy. I was struck by his honesty and his openness to share thoughts with me, like he was talking to one of his peers.

To me his sound has always felt connected to the unknown, to a different reality. There is a fragility and rawness to it that makes it feel like you are approaching a breaking point, he always sounds like he is on the edge of falling apart and seems to be able to swim in that place, to make it feel like home for everybody, players and listeners.” —Ingebrigt Haker Flaten

“In 2017 if heard about Ingebrigt coming to our hometown and immediately decided the three of us should play together. I remember Ingebrigt told me after we played: “Man, he is killing me with his silence!”. Germán was elusive, drifting away from zones that we were building together, always looking to break the ideas, no matter how strong they were, he wouldn’t stretch them longer than they had to be. They trio has developed a certain consistency in allowing these disruptive moments in the music, it has sharpened our reflexes to be ready to break at any given moment.

The recordings we present here were almost lost, so it’s a joy for us that we can show a glimpse of the sound we made together, and the direction the music was taking. I’m curious to see what will happen when we meet again, hopefully it will be soon.” —Gibrán, June 2024, México D.F. 

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