The Zebra Paradox

By Re-Ghoster Extended





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Setting the stage for The Zebra Paradox requires building anticipation and intrigue on the inside of the listener before they even hear the first notes. To accomplish this an imagined transference of information must bloom like a deep inhalation of sonic spores. If categories can be applied to explore how concepts are played out in this music and throughout the album, perhaps think of displacement, confusion, time distortion and derangement. Otherwise the listener might choose to transfer meaning to the side and delve into sound as tangible matter?

With the addition of Nate Wooley’s acoustic and amplified trumpet and the ritualistic/concrete vocals of Fritz Welch, to the original Re-Ghoster lineup of piano, drums and revox, The Zebra Paradox brings a shift that pushes the puzzle into quantum fields. The compounded result weaves a trail through seemingly illogical soundscapes replete with trans-dimensional echoes in which phantasmagoric frequencies and chrono-phonic spectres collide in a musical paradox.

During the deepest listening you might actually be able touch the vocal dust if you have such morbid inclinations. And the trumpet’s presence might rub right onto your flesh. The extended ensemble’s instrumental mutations and it’s sonic manifestation is unique and haunting but perhaps it is actually ultra familiar like the churning of a restless crowd or the seeping of an oily stain? Unknown or not, The Zebra Paradox pushes towards somewhere and creates its own narrative something-or-other while taking the listener through possible sub-realities and future nows. From the transdimensional echoes to the phantasmagoric frequencies, this is The Style. Its the way it has to be! 

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