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3 Nights In Oslo

By Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet + 1

3 Nights In Oslo -- Mats Gustafsson

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Label: Smalltown Super Jazz

Available Formats: CDDigital

“It’s hard to give a general appreciation for eight quite different line-ups, ranging from the minimal duets to the full-blown orchestra. Here it is : the Tentet, it must be said, is magnificent: wild, predictably unpredictable, raw, overwhelming, gargantuan, energetic, forceful and any other adjective that fits in this kind of thesaurus. But it is absolute fabulous fun for the lovers. You can laugh because of the sheer power and chaos, but the musicians are clever enough to vary with slower, often moving and sensitive moments, giving both artists and listeners a break before all hell breaks loose again.” -Free Jazz Blog

Released in: 2010

Mats Gustafsson


Ken Vandermark