Q&A: Ikue Mori

CS: What musicians and artists have you been looking at lately?

IM: This isn’t a musician or artist, but I was very impressed with the organization in Porto, Portugal called “Sonoscopia”. It’s a small but international artist residency with concert event spaces, installations, and an instrument making studio, mixed with the local community. Great place to interact with if you happen to be in Porto.

CS: Films and books you’ve been into lately?

IM: I have been reading and inspired by the writer and actress Izumi Suzuki. So much so that I started to make a whole tribute album to her, collaborating with Zeena Parkins.

CS: Last performance you saw that expanded the way you think about your own work?

IM: I have been to many of John Zorn’s 70 year anniversary events. I’m very impressed with the many young musicians. Incredible performances. Classical works to metal bands.