Q&A: Joe Morris

CS: What musicians and artists have you been looking at lately?

JM: Christine Abdelnour. Herb Robertson.

CS: Films and books you’ve been into lately?

JM: Lately, it’s been John Wick movies. Books, “The Secret Agent” by Joseph Conrad, “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy, and “Light of the Diddicoy” by Eamon Loingsigh.

CS: Favorite record no one else has listened to?

JM: No idea how many have listened to it, but I know it hasn’t been heard by enough people. “Obliquities” by Evan Parker and Barry Guy. A masterpiece.

CS: Best thing you’ve seen on Youtube (recently)?

JM: Tomomi Kubo & Ferran Besalduch, full set live in Barcelona, 23-11-2019, Magia Roja.

CS: Dream trio/quartet/quintet with historical figures?

JM: Jimmy Lyons, Sunny Murray & Alan Silva.

CS: Last performance you saw that expanded the way you think about your own work?

JM: See my choice in the Youtube question. I didn’t see it live but Tomomi Kubo on Ondes Martenot has stuck with me.

CS: Record you most wish you had played on?

JM:On the Corner” by Miles Davis.

CS: Recording people would be most surprised you listen to?

JM: “Superfly” by Curtis Mayfield. Maybe that isn’t very surprising.