By Yannis Kyriakides

Album: Amiandos



Available Formats: CD

Amiandos (or Amiantos) is the name of the asbestos mine in the Troodos mountains in Cyprus, operating between 1904 and 1988. It was also the birthplace of my father — my grandfather worked there as an electrical engineer. A village and community grew around the mine as it expanded to become one of the largest asbestos producers in Europe, producing in its history about 1 million tons. The gradual realisation through the 20th century of the darker side of asbestos has been well documented. Even though millions have suffered and died from cancers caused by the inhalation of the thin fibres of the rock, asbestos continues to be mined in many parts of the world, regardless of the safety of its workers. A beautiful and dangerous rock. I remember as a child receiving a box of stones of Cyprus for my birthday and being taken aback by the splendour of the chrysotile rock, the type of asbestos found in Amiandos. The seven pieces in this album relate to some strands of history of Amiandos.

Released in: 2022


Shipping from: Chicago