Bashing Mushrooms

By I.P.A.

Album: Bashing Mushrooms


Label: Cuneiform Records

Available Formats: CDVinyl

“Scandinavians have made an indelible mark on the progressive jazz front for the past several decades…Since 2007, Norwegian-based I.P.A. has been a major exponent of the fertile Euro jazz scene… this unit ups the ante by molding snippets of the past into a mode of attack, blotted by hyper-mode free bop and the frontline’s sweltering solos and ricocheting horns arrangements. From start to finish, the quintet abides by an action-packed gait amid a hodgepodge of stylistic formats. Hence, it’s a group of many colors as they navigate through these works with rebel-rousing but cohesive exchanges and surging through difficult time signatures with the greatest of ease.” – Glenn Astarita / All About Jazz

Released in: 2020


Shipping from: Chicago