Better A Rook Than a Pawn

By Edition Redux

Album: Better A Rook Than a Pawn


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Audiographic Records presents the first album by Ken Vandermark’s newest ensemble, Edition Redux, which adds to the MacArthur Prize winner’s internationally and critically acclaimed series of bands he has composed for: The Vandermark 5, FME, The Territory Band, The Resonance Ensemble, Entr’acte, Made To Break, and Marker.  In addition to Vandermark, who plays saxophones and clarinet with the group, this quartet is composed of Erez Dessel (keyboards), Lily Finnegan (drums), and Beth McDonald (tuba/electronics), who represent the next wave of Chicago’s creative music scene.

Called Better A Rook Than A Pawn, the recording includes the wide range of Vandermark’s interests and influences: incorporating the experimental jazz of the AACM; the different schools of improvised music developed in England, Netherlands, and Germany; post-punk, Tropicalia, dub, and funk.  Edition Redux presented its music for the first time during a U.S. tour in April of 2023, then recorded this material at Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago immediately following that series of concerts. After a highly successful tour in Europe during October of the same year, the group will be back on the road in the States during February of 2024 and in Europe in November.

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