Blight in August

By Mike Khoury & Ben Hall

Album: Blight in August


Available Formats: Cassette

Mike Khoury and Ben Hall are two stalwart figures on the contemporary Detroit underground improv scene. Both are capable of generating great gusts of noise, but on this tape they focus more on developing a landscape filled with ruralist avant textures. Khoury’s violin playing occurs inside a small gesticular range, which has a sort of old-timey feel to it, as though it was being played as part of the soundtrack to a western film.
Hall’s electronics, while pretty new timey just as a matter of course, manage to evoke the sounds of a dust storm slowly gathering strength in the near distance.

That’s the first side, Hall switches to concert percussion on the flip, which gives proceedings a more new music/ avant jazz feel, although the outdoorsy edge remains.
-Byron Coley

Released in: 2023


Shipping from: Chicago