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Bota Fogo

By Paal Nilssen-Love

Lacerda / Manso / Nilssen-Love / Zenicola : Bota Fogo -- Paal Nilssen-Love



Available Formats: CDDigital

A live recording of two extended improvisations at Audio Rebel’s Quintavant in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from the quartet of Arthur Lacerda on guitar and electronics, electric bassist Felipe Zenicola, guitarist Eduardo Manso, and drummer/percussionist Paal Nilssen-Love. “Bota” is a groove-oriented jam, Zenicola and Nilssen-Love carrying the pulse while the guitarists work above, ending with a degenerating electronic display. “Fogo” is the freer of the two, staring quietly and building into a wonderfully driving piece, with Nilssen-Love pulling out the stops with unpredictable and solid rhythmic intensity while Zenicola churns below. A powerful performance from Rio!

Released in: 2014


Shipping from: Chicago