Casa Corp

By Leonel Kaplan, Christof Kurzmann & Edén Carrasco

Album: Casa Corp

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Second release for the accomplished trio of Leonel Kaplan, Christof Kurzmann and Edén Carrasco on the follow of last years brilliant Una Casa/Observatorio.

Recorded in Buenos Aires, roughly a year after the two pieces that compose the first release, Casa Corp reveals both a continuity and a progession of the trios improvisation.
Throughout the single pice, the most outstanding aspect of the record is the interplay between the musicians, up to a point, when several times the sound source becomes intangible, despite the presence of such significant individual voices.

Everyone knows their instruments range all too well, great attention is paid to detail as no sound is ever forced upon the careful structure.
Elements of pop sensibility, reminiscent of Kurzmann’s work in The Magic I.D., are articulated with gentle strokes, percutive sounds, electronic hisses and blips along with scraping reeds as textures arise, coalesce and fade away.

An extremely beautiful and focused record.

The artwork, made by American artist Thuy-Van Vu, consists of 200 prints of an original oil painting created for this album. All have different degrees of degradation and are created using a photo transfer process.
The cover images are focused on the theme of destroyed home and architectural structures, a constant motif of Thuy-Van’s work and one with an obvious strong connection to Casa Corp.

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