Catalytic Sound Festival 2020: Day 1

By Catalytic Sound

Album: Catalytic Sound Festival 2020: Day 1 -- Catalytic Sound


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All proceeds raised will go to Black Futures Lab ( “Black Futures Lab works with Black people to transform our communities, building Black political power and changing the way that power operates—locally, statewide, and nationally. The problems facing Black communities are complex. The solutions to these problems will come from our imagination, our innovation, and experimentation. Changing our communities for the better requires changing a culture that takes Black people for granted and changing policies and laws that make us criminals and keep resources from our communities. To get there, we work to understand the dynamics impacting our communities; we build the capacity of our communities to govern; and we engage and include Black people in the decisions that impact our lives. There are three ways that Black Futures Lab is a different kind of project for change: our mission to engage the Black community year-round; our commitment to use our political strength to stop corporate influences from creeping into public policies; and our plan to combine technology and traditional organizing methods to reach Black people anywhere and everywhere we are.”

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