Clap. An Anatomy of Applause

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Clap. An Anatomy of Applause is a compilation of original works by a group of musicians and composers brought together by Andrea Stillacci and Unsounds. The project goal is to highlight the radically different forms and meanings that the sound of applause can take according to its context. The principle was to work from original recordings of each artist’s choice, with sources ranging from the thunderous applause celebrating Maria Callas’ last public appearance to the crowds cheering at the fall of the Berlin Wall, and to transform them into musical compositions.

The artists on this double album represent a variety of styles and practices within the experimental fields, at the intersection of the curator’s and the label’s artistic visions. The participants have delved into the dynamics, the grain, the pathos of the applause, in a reversed act of appreciation. The works are unified in the album as they wholeheartedly respond to the voice of the public. A dialogue that remains a vital force, that of the connection of the public with the artists, and vice-versa.

A limited edition double LP with original works by Eraldo Bernocchi + Maurizio Bianchi + Barbara Ellison + Terence Hannum + Ji Youn Kan + Fani Konstantinidou + Yannis Kyriakides + Andy Moor + Moor Mother + Massimo Pupillo + Scanner (Robin Rimbaud).

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