By Axel Dörner/Fred Lonberg-Holm/Michael Zerang

Album: Claque


Label: Meniscus

Available Formats: CD

“Trumpet, cello and percussion wouldn’t seem to share many timbral effects, but it’s often difficult to figure out who’s doing what. “Kasu,” for example, is a rolling patter of metallic-sounding thwacks, taps and scrapes that evokes myriad shades of gray, yet even when Dorner offers more conventional brass tones, as on “Ranzen,” the quick-blink reflexes of Lonberg-Holm and Zerang are at once so intuitive and disorienting that the trumpeter may as well be playing a belt sander, a testament to the trio’s sense of sonic creativity. Rather than revealing pet licks and favorite gimmicks, repeated listening only delivers a greater array of clever details.” – Peter Margasak, JazzTimes

Released in: 2000


Shipping from: Chicago