By Large Unit

Album: Clusterfuck -- Paal Nilssen-Love

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In the autumn of 2021 a 15-piece strong Large Unit reunited at Studio Paradiso in Oslo to record two new albums: “New Map” and “Clusterfuck”. These two albums can be seen as twin releases, recorded and released in conjunction with each other, yet they are also different to each other. Both albums follow the previous “More Fun Please” album from 2018, with Nilssen-Love working within the field of new music composition, taking inspiration from composers like John Cage, Morton Feldman and Cornelius Cardew. For “New Map” Nilssen-Love provided the band with open-form “cells” of concrete ideas/notes/directions that the musicians had to respond to. On “Clusterfuck” the approach was graphic notations. Both approaches gave the musicians more responsibility on how to shape the music. The compositional guidelines are balanced with blocks of improvisation, with the band veering from subtle passages to bursts of explosive blowouts. Two exciting new additions to the Large Unit catalogue at the end of 2022, which sets the tone for the band’s ten- year anniversary in 2023.

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