Collective Calls (revisited) (jubilee)

By Evan Parker & Paul Lytton

Album: Collective Calls (revisited) (jubilee)


Label: Intakt Records

Available Formats: CD

“This recording from Paul Lytton and Evan Parker marks their golden jubilee as musical collaborators and good friends, the title serving as a tip-of-the-hat to their first duo record Collective Calls (Urban) (Two Microphones) which was originally released on Incus in 1972 after they’d already played together for a couple of years. I’ve spent a good deal of time the last few weeks enjoying both albums and noting similarities and differences, and so it follows that this review is colored by the lense of that exercise. Gone are the electronics and prickly intensity of the 72′ sessions, interchanged here with distinctively refined technique and a confederation secured through the blood-and-guts of a half century of collaboration.” – Nick Metzger, Free Jazz Blog

Released in: 2020


Shipping from: Chicago / Vienna