Do they do those in Red?

By Paul Lytton / Joker Nies / Richard Scott & Georg Wissel

Album: Do they do those in Red?


Label: Sound Anatomy

Available Formats: CD

“The closing piece, and my favorite from this session, “a constant state of flux or motion”, periodically weaves barely-there snippets of field recordings and voices into the mix. The track finds Wissel much more unrestrained during some of the rowdier portions and Lytton comes to the fore more often here as well with some wild electroacoustic sounds. Altogether it’s more varied with some lowercase sections to break-up and balance the stormier ones. Those who like free-improvised electronics will find much to enjoy in this sonic phantasmagoria.” – Nick Metzger, Free Jazz Blog

Released in: 2020


Shipping from: Chicago / Vienna