Een Rondje Holland

By Ex Orkest

Album: Een Rondje Holland -- Terrie Hessels

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Rock bands and orchestras — here’s a worrisome cliché usually signaling the beginning of the end for a group of musicians getting too full of themselves or already on the nostalgia bandwagon. Of course, none of that applies here, for two main reasons. The first one is the Ex — not your run-of-the-mill punk band, this Dutch institution has always been keen on collaborating with wide-ranging artists. The second reason is the orchestra convened here: 20 of Amsterdam’s finest and most daring experimental musicians, from Palinckx’s singer Han Buhrs to members of the ICP Orchestra (and of course all then-current members of the Ex, including Luc Ex). Obviously, Een Rondje Holland is not for every Ex fan, but those fond of the group’s previous collaborations with Buhrs, Han Bennink, or Tom Cora will probably find it at least interesting. On the other hand, followers of the Dutch avant-garde scene who are usually put off by the Ex’s punk rock but enjoy the ICP Orchestra, Splinks, or even Palinckx should definitely give this album a try.

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