Fervid [CAA​-​020]

By Ig Henneman Sextet & Guus Janssen

Album: Fervid [CAA​-​020]

Musician: /

Label: Catalytic Sound

Available Formats: Digital

All funds from the sales of FERVID will be donated PEN International (, an organization that Ig has recommended. PEN International stands for “helping to promote cultural understanding and fight for persecuted writers, safeguard civil society and education programs worldwide, defend freedom of expression, protect writers at risk, defend linguistic rights, and promote literature across frontiers. For PEN International a writer can be a novelist, poet, journalist, academic, publisher, translator, blogger, biographer, playwright, etc.– in short, it refers to anyone involved with the written or spoken word. This broad definition is what truly makes them the worldwide movement that they are.”

Released in: 2020