For Don Cherry

By Mats Gustafsson & Hamid Drake

Album: For Don Cherry


Label: Okka Disk

Available Formats: Digital

“Rhythmic virtuoso Hamid Drake and reeds innovator Mats Gustafsson deliver a jaw-dropping and all-too-brief set recorded in Chicago on Oct. 19, 1995, the day of Don Cherry’s death and recorded by Jim O’Rourke. One of the few live records to make this listener earnestly wish she’d been in attendance, Drake and Gustafsson’s meeting is a perfect example of the phenomenal synergy possible between two musicians. The two in question are an ideal match; both temper the muscularity of their playing with sensitivity and musical sophistication. Neither artist allows the other the option of sitting on his heels at any point; this recording is challenging, intense, and enjoyable from start to finish.” –Susie Jae, ON AIR magazine, WKCR 89.9 FM (New York)

Released in: 1995