Geometry Of Caves

By Tomeka Reid / Kyoko Kitamura / Taylor Ho Bynum / Joe Morris

Album: Geometry Of Caves

Musician: /

Label: Relative Pitch Records

Available Formats: CDDigital

The record also makes plenty of room for each of the musicians’ individual strengths to emerge: Bynum is in especially fine form, with movement from lyrical beauty to pure abstraction and noise (just listen to his menacing growls on “Glowworm” as evidence); but Morris is also characteristically exceptional, whether offering prickly fragments or his patented scrapes, as he’s continually seeking ways to advance the dialogue. Reid’s relentless imagination leads her from chamber-like passages to motion-filled ostinato phrases that always possess compelling rhythmic energy; and Kitamura will be a revelation to those who haven’t yet encountered her unique brand of vocal improvisation, turning in an instant from subtle to spasmodic.” – Troy Dostert All About Jazz

Released in: 2018