I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart

By Jacob Wick / Claire Rousay

Album: I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart -- Claire Rousay



Notice Recordings

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“A Jack Spicer quote – “Get those words out of your mouth and into your heart” – may be useful when consuming this provocatively bare duo performance, which compels the listener to abandon any presumptions about improvised music. Switching between squeamish spurts of controlled trumpet exhalations and an intentionally hackneyed melodic line that grows more compelling with every repetition, Wick’s playing is obstinate, confusing, and deeply welcoming. rousay surrounds the trumpet’s pure and metallic tones with deft sonic movement and anti-ideas, oddly-placed drum rolls and rhythmically elusive brushed patterns. Recorded at Marigny Studios in New Orleans by Rick Nelson, this is music that is egoless, non-narrative, and without identity, and yet it is in fact emphatic and deeply felt. The duo insists on framing improvisation on their own terms, not so much ignoring chops and improv tropes, but playing as if they simply don’t exist, a brash surfacing of new paths forward.” – Notice Recordings

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