Ice In A Hot World

By Thermal

Album: Ice In A Hot World



Available Formats: CDDigital

“THERMAL (John Butcher / Andy Moor / Thomas Lehn) formed in 2001, three musicians from different musical backgrounds, evolving along their personal routes to meet in free improvisations. For twenty years they’ve been taking their subtle and explosive music throughout Europe. Unsounds released their first album Thermal in 2003. In 2023 the trio of quiet giants comes back with Ice in a Hot World, a new album recorded live in Avignon. The Thermal powerhouse has become highly confident but spontaneity and intuition are at the core of their performance at all times.

Twenty years of working together, and in other formats, turned Thermal into a powerful and intrepid unit, always searching for uncompromising, mysterious and unchartered sonic frontiers.”

-Eyal Hareuveni – Salt Peanuts, March 2023.

Released in: 2023


Shipping from: Chicago