Immediate Sound

By The Thing & Ken Vandermark

Album: Immediate Sound

Musician: / / /

Label: Smalltown Super Jazz

Available Formats: Digital

“You can feel the shared commitment to explore and push forward the musical envelope, and the joy when they lock into a new theme, as Gustafsson and Nilssen-Love do on their tight duel on the end of the first part, or the methodical building of a new theme by Flaten on the second part.It continues with lyrical playing from Vandermark on the third part and then transforms into a percolating saxophone duel between Gustafsson and Vandermark, where Vandermark injects some funky riffs. Then it all reaches its inevitable climax on the fourth and last part, where Vandermark and Gustafsson, together on baritone saxophones, begin with a busy and nervous dialogue, that becomes bluesy when Flaten and Nilssen-Love join in, but ultimately explodes into an electrifying and spirited maelstrom.” –All About Jazz

Released in: 2007