Japan 2019

By Paal Nilssen-Love & Ken Vandermark

Album: Japan 2019

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PNL Records and Audiographic Records are thrilled to announce the release of the seven CD boxset, Paal Nilssen-Love & Ken Vandermark: Japan 2019. This co-production includes live recordings by this long-standing duo from their 16-date concert tour of Japan, as well as new collaborations with legendary Japanese musicians: Akira Sakata (reeds/voice), Masahiko Satoh (piano), and Yuji Takahashi (piano).

The Nilssen-Love/Vandermark is an internationally acclaimed percussion/reed duo and has been in collaboration since 2002, traveling across Europe, the Unites States, Brazil, as well as Japan, many times. The group is known for its creative intensity, that constructs and deconstructs material with utmost freedom and spontaneity, and which has been documented on 11 albums since its inception. The addition of such incredible musicians from Japan only heightens the kinetic nature of their playing and the speed in the exchange of musical ideas documented with this collection.

Paal Nilssen-Love & Ken Vandermark: Japan 2019 is being officially released in January 2024 to coincide with the duos next tour of Japan as a limited-edition boxset of 500, mixed, mastered, and designed by Lasse Marhaug, which includes a booklet of photos and an essay by Ken Vandermark.

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