Komen & Gaan

By ICP Septet + Joris Roelofs + Terrie Ex

Album: Komen & Gaan

Musician: /

Label: Instant Composers Pool

Available Formats: CD

“It’s hard to imagine a more gleefully anarchic piece of music being released in 2021 than the variations on Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor perpetrated on this album by Janssen and Ex. While Janssen fractures and reorganises Bach’s notes at a ridiculous speed, Ex strafes his efforts with skittering bottleneck noise before the two musicians accelerate together into a grandiose finale that includes a few seconds in which they sound as if they’re falling over each other’s feet. Ending with a pratfall thud, it’s a typical piece of ICP surrealism, being simultaneously funny and rather beautiful.” -Richard Williams

Released in: 2021


Shipping from: Vienna