Live In Tel Aviv

By Peter Brötzmann / Steve Swell / Paal Nilssen-Love

Album: Live In Tel Aviv -- Paal Nilssen-Love


Not Two Records

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If ever a group deserved the title of “free jazz power trio,” it would be this one. Legendary reedist Brötzmann, American trombonist Steve Swell, and the mighty Nilssen-Love have been playing together since early 2015, and have two masterful live sets under their belt, Krakow Nights and Live in Copenhagen. Both of those recordings boast a dense, muscular, yet occasionally free-wheeling sound that, in many ways, perfectly encapsulates just what these three players are all about – namely, raw power and fierce creativity. Live in Tel Aviv, which documents an October ‘16 performance by the trio, is the perfect entry-point for those who might be intimidated by the relatively long lengths of those prior albums – at only three-quarters of an hour, it is a thrilling condensation of the group’s strengths. -Derek Stone, Free Jazz Blog

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