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Maja af Svea

By Maja Spasova

Maja af Svea -- Mats Gustafsson


Label: Olof Bright

Available Formats: CDDigital

“Bulgarian born Maja Spasova came to Sweden 1984. She makes performances, videoinstallations and many other spatial works. In all fields a unique forerunner. She works internationality, at the moment living in Berlin. She is in many ways a pioneer. Like KlinKlangplan that was installed in a subwaystation in Stockholm 1991.When people arrived waiting for the train suddendly they heard voices and bells from the loudspeakers normally used for other business, like delayed trains. In most of her works sound plays an important role. Thus we asked her to remix some of her works from an aspect of sound to fit into a CD. A few of her own remixes were then given to different musicians, who in their turn made new remixes.”

Released in: 2012


Shipping from: Chicago