Maschine Brennt

By Orchester 33 1/3

Album: Maschine Brennt


Label: Charhizma

Available Formats: CDDigital

“Orchester 33 1/3’s Maschine Brennt is a distinctly post-modern free recording, built on a foundation of extensive improvisation, but with an electronics section headed by Christian Fennesz (courtesy of Mego Recordings) and Christoff Kurzmann, among others. The hour-long album ranges far and wide across jazz and avant-garde; in fact, the 40 minute title track (an homage to Max Brand) veers from absurdist free-jazz bleatings by horns and reeds to slinky, paranoid lounge-jazz to a series of vocal features pitched halfway between Paul Robeson and Tom Waits. Needless to say, Maschine Brennt is a challenging, innovative work, though it will take adventurous listeners to enjoy this as much as they respect it.” -John Bush, All Music

Released in: 2000