Missa Amissa

By Malcolm Goldstein & Fred Lonberg-Holm

Album: Missa Amissa


Label: Notice Recordings

Available Formats: Cassette

“It is with great honor, then, that we present a document of a 2003 live improvised duo set with Fred Lonberg-Holm recorded at 3030 in Chicago. With ample room-tone, sounds of people shuffling into place, atmospheric sounds from the occasional interior/exterior crossover, Lonberg-Holm’s cello and Goldstein’s violin and occasional voice weave throughout the air, assuming various densities and opacities. The sounds of each instrument pierce through space and lock together, sometimes moving in unison, sometimes in discord, falling into moiré, then rising back to alignment.”
-Notice Recordings

Released in: 2023


Shipping from: Chicago