Music For Lying Still

By Tim Daisy

Album: Music For Lying Still



Available Formats: CDDigital

Music For Lying Still is Chicago based composer and percussionist Tim Daisy’s latest solo release. Further developing methods and ideas explored by his two previous solo efforts: ‘Relucent: music for marimba, radios and turntables’ (relay 012), and ‘Red Nation 1’ (relay 018), MFLS is the first to utilize a multi-track, multi-layered recording process to develop and shape the composition. All the sound making devices were recorded separately and then assembled and edited into one continuous, twenty-five-minute composition. Music for Lying Still is the first in a set of three releases using the studio as an integral component of the music making process. -multi-layered, mystic metaphoric, ambient, experimental low-fi gamelan drone music for people who like to lie still.

Released in: 2017


Shipping from: Chicago / Vienna