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Music For Safe Piece

By Andy Moor

Music For Safe Piece



Available Formats: CD

Music for Safe Piece is the result of an artistic experiment that lasted for four years, where Andy Moor was creating a live soundscape for a performance of a unique nature. Choreographer Valentina Campora has created a series of semi-private events where she and Moor, new parents of a baby boy, were performing for a small audience with the young child. Campora was dancing with her baby, Moor provided a sound world that supported and harbored the performance. As the boy grew up and acquired autonomy he started to engage in “conversations”, attracted as he was by the thrill of dance and music, participating in the ever changing dynamics in the trio.

Each performance was filmed by visual artist Isabelle Vigier. Vigier used the video material to create the film Safe Piece, and later the installation of the same name for which Andy Moor has created the sound.

Released in: 2021


Shipping from: Chicago