No One Ever Works Alone

By Sonore

Album: No One Ever Works Alone

Musician: /

Label: Okka Disk

Available Formats: CDDigital

Sonore is an example of how “free jazz”, music that has no repertoire, no standards, relies on the head-on collision of different musical perspectives. Their album, removed as it is from the live performance and hyperbolic description, is less visceral, more cerebral but still a successful entry into the trepiditous realm of the all-saxophone group. Texturally, multi-instrumentalists help the cause— No One Ever Works Alone has 24 possible saxophone combinations multiplied by Peter Brötzmann’s indefatigability, Mats Gustafsson’s percussive brilliance and Ken Vandermark’s synthesis of the entire saxophone tradition.

Released in: 2004


Shipping from: Chicago