O Hushed October [CAA-040]

By Ab Baars, Ig Henneman & Marta Warelis

Album: O Hushed October [CAA-040]

Musician: /

Label: Catalytic Artist Albums

Available Formats: Digital

Proceeds raised from sales of this recording will go toward a cause recommended by Ab, PEN America (, which “stands at the intersection of literature and human rights to protect free expression in the United States and worldwide. We champion the freedom to write, recognizing the power of the word to transform the world. Our mission is to unite writers and their allies to celebrate creative expression and defend the liberties that make it possible. Founded in 1922, PEN America is the largest of the more than 100 centers worldwide that make up the PEN International network. PEN America works to ensure that people everywhere have the freedom to create literature, to convey information and ideas, to express their views, and to access the views, ideas, and literatures of others. Our strength is our Membership—a nationwide community of more than 7,200 novelists, journalists, nonfiction writers, editors, poets, essayists, playwrights, publishers, translators, agents, and other writing professionals, as well as devoted readers and supporters who join with them to carry out PEN America’s mission.”

“October 2020: for years now Ig Henneman and I invite musicians to our house to spend a few hours together making music, sharing time together. Sometimes we record the session, sometimes not and it just stays in our head. One such session was with Marta Warelis, a very talented piano player from Poland living in Amsterdam these days. I started the Zoom Handy Recorder and we just started improvising for about an hour. Because of the global shutdown in response to the Coronavirus there’s lots of time to listen back to ‘forgotten’ recordings. This one turned out to be a little miracle: wonderful improvisations, big ears and lots of space and time to work out ideas. We decided to use this music as a submission for the Catalytic Artist Album series of unreleased recordings.” -Ab Baars

Released in: 2023