Okka Suite [CAA-037]

By Vox Arcana

Album: Okka Suite [CAA-037


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For the 37th installment of the Catalytic Artist Album series, we present a live recording of the Vox Arcana trio at Okka Fest in 2015. Recorded live by Dave Zuchowski at the Sugar Maple, this release comes on the day of the first in-person iteration of the Catalytic Sound Festival in Chicago. We can only hope to run as long with our new annual event and produce as many great recordings as the Okka Fest!

Tim has suggested that all funds raised through the sale of this album go to the Planned Parenthood.  “After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and eliminated our federal constitutional right to abortion, we sent a clear message: We will never back down in the fight to protect abortion access.  We’re working every single day to make sure patients can get the care and information they need to control their own bodies and build their own futures.”

This Catalytic Artist Album initiative helps musicians of the co-op impact vital non-profit activity which influences positive social change and creates economic support for their respective communities.  100% of all revenue generated from the sale of these records goes directly to community institutions, hand-picked by each artist.  Originally available to members only, after one year an artist’s CAA album can now be selected by the musicians involved to be included in this program.

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