Open Border

By Ken Vandermark / Hamid Drake / Gianni Trovalusci / Luigi Ceccarelli

Album: Open Border



Available Formats: DigitalVinyl

“Open Border is a beautiful, truly collaborative project between Ken Vandermark on reed instruments, Luigi Ceccarelli on electronics, Hamid Drake on drums and Gianni Trovalusci on flutes… Interplay between Drake and Vandermark stellar as always, as is the light and fluid section for flute and electronic sound, and graceful spoken vocalization leading everyone to come together for a elegant and memorable conclusion. This was a unique and very enjoyable album, taking three stellar instrumentalists and adding Ceccarelli to create electronic sound and process the other band members playing in real time to create a vibrant and rich performance that continuously moves in dynamic and spontaneous ways.” -Tim Niland, Music and More, April 4, 2020

Released in: 2020


Shipping from: Chicago