Padova Solo [CAA​-​019]

By Mats Gustafsson

Album: Padova Solo [CAA​-​019]


Label: Catalytic Artist Albums

Available Formats: Digital

All funds from the sales of Padova Solo will be donated to the Chicago Women’s Health Center ( an organization that Mats has suggested. The CWHC “facilitates the empowerment of women, trans people, and young people by providing access to health care and health education in a respectful environment where people pay what they can afford. Each year, over 6,000 women, trans people, and young people access health services through CWHC. CWHC provides care and services that people in Chicago need, but often cannot find anywhere else. Since we opened our doors in 1975, CWHC’s programs have been shaped by our clients’ and students’ needs for accessible, comprehensive health care and health education.”

Released in: 2020