Pandemic Conversations [CAA-039]

By Christof Kurzmann & Leonel Kaplan

Album: Pandemic Conversations [CAA-039]


Label: Catalytic Artist Albums

Available Formats: Digital

Proceeds raised from sales of this recording will go toward a cause recommended by Christof and Leonel, in this case, the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF), founded in 1991 by concerned humanitarians in the USA, provides free medical care to thousands of injured and ill children yearly who lack local access to care within the local health care system. Over the years, they’ve sent over 2,000 affected children abroad for free medical care, sent thousands of international doctors and nurses to provide tens of thousands of children free medical care in local hospitals, and provided tens of thousands of children humanitarian aid and support they otherwise would not get.

PCRF’s impact also includes establishing two pediatric cancer departments in Palestine, a new PICU and pediatric cardiology department in Ramallah, and many more critical projects to sustainably bolster the region’s healthcare system. The foundation relies on grassroots efforts, supported by a worldwide network of thousands of volunteers, to fulfill our humanitarian mission. We are a volunteer-based nonprofit, so please join our efforts.

Released in: 2022