Peace and Fire

By Mats Gustafsson

Album: Peace and Fire

Musician: / / / /

Label: Trost Records

Available Formats: CD

“Mats Gustafsson at fifty. Name another artist who has had this significant and widespread effect on jazz, noise, free improvisation, alternative rock, electronica, and free jazz. Besides John Zorn, that pool is quite shallow. Gustafsson’s music seems to attract innovative players into imaginative situations. If you are a fan, this 50th birthday celebration recorded in October, 2014 at Porgy and Bess, Vienna is your personal slice of cake. If you know nothing about Gustafsson’s music, this is a great introduction to ensembles he’s created, associated with, or players that have inspired the saxophonist or been inspired by the saxophonist.

The music of these four discs comprises sixteen different lineups, and of the twenty-nine tracks, Gustafsson performs on seventeen.” -Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

Released in: 2016


Shipping from: Chicago