By Henneman Strijkkwartet

Album: Pes -- Ab Baars, Ig Henneman




Stichting Wig

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“The string quartet is an instrumental combination most often heard in many different genres of classical music; in fact, it is one of the standard groupings for this music, whereas it is a more rare enterprise in improvised music. Certainly there are examples of string players getting together to improvise, but the results can not so often be compared favorably with great classical string quartets. The Dutch viola player and composer Henneman is making great progress in this area however, as she has found a regular group of musicians to work with, evidenced by the six-year span of recording dates. The difficult task of integrating composition and improvisation is carried out with aplomb by this group: they actually make it sound easy. A nice combination of male and female energy exists in this group, as well as a combination of Dutch musicians and so-called ex-patriot Americans who have settled in the Netherlands. The players are comfortable working in a traditional, melodic, and harmonic manner but also can and do go way out. Everything that happens makes logical sense, and this is music that reveals rich layers of detail upon repeated listenings.” – Eugene Chadbourne (All Music)

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